The Great Century of the French History

Originally a modest country Palace of Louis XIII, sort of a refuge during the Royal Hunt, it was significantly enlarged and became the main Royal residence in the reign of the Sun-King Louis XIV. Best architects, decorators and landscape designers of the 17th century had implemented hitherto an unprecedented project. The large and voluminous extension to the palace of Louis the XIII with the new royal apartments, rooms for princes of the blood and hundreds of courtiers had absorbed the hunting lodge.

Classical French gardens with flower-beds and parterres, with fountains, ponds and a mirror of the Grand Canal, with white statues of Greek gods and heroes against the green hedge of hidden groves had become a model to copy by the Kings throughout all Europe.

The Tour of the Palace and the Park will recall the most important moments of the history of the French monarchy and the beginning of the revolution, which heralded the end of the glorious period of Royal Versailles. Versailles today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Up to 8 million visitors come here every year.


  • Things to see in the Palace - the Royal Church, the Main Apartments of the King and of the Queen, the Hall of Mirrors; the bedroom of Louis XIV; the bedroom of the Queen.
  • Things to see in the Gardens: the parterres and ponds in front of the Palace, the Latona fountain and the, the Green House gardens, several groves with surprises (The Ball room, the Mirror pond, the colonnade grove), the Grand Canal and the Apollo Chariot e.t.c. Walking in the Gardens may be very pleasant especially with fountains in operation.

Price and timing

The tour of Versailles with transfers by car to Versailles and back to Paris lasts 4 hours. It costs 360 € for the group from 1 to 6 people.

You may just meet your guide in front of the Palace. In this case the tour lasts 3 hours and costs 180 € for the group from 1 to 6 people.

Tickets are not included to the price of the tour.