Saint-Genevieve–de-Bois. The Russian Cemetry

Looking for the Lost Russia

Some 30 km South of Paris, in the town of Saint-Genevieve-de- Bois there is a quiet cemetery, which is usually called the Russian Cemetery.

In 1927, not far from the town cemetery of Saint-Genevieve-de- bois the Russian Princess Vera Mescherskaya had founded the “Russian home" for elderly Russian immigrants. Local authorities had allocated a considerable land allotment at the town cemetery for these Russians.
A beautiful Church had been dressed up on the territory of the Russian part of the town cemetery by architect Albert Benois. The church features the style of 15-16 century Pskov and Novgorod architecture. It is amazingly beautiful in its rigor and simplicity.

This cemetery is a veritable necropolis of Russian emigration in France. There are also those who left Russia during the Soviet period -all about 15000 Russians: representatives of the Imperial Romanov House, Russian nobility, soldiers and sailors who fought in the ranks of the White movement, clergy, writers and artists.

Here lies the Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich and his wife, the famous ballerina Mathildf Kschessinska, Russian Prince Felix Yusupov, the main organizer of the murder of Rasputin and his wife, Grand Duchess Irina Aleksandrovna, granddaughter of the Emperor Alexander III, the first head of the Provisional Government - Prince Lvov; our compatriots, who glorified the Russian Ballet and had developed its traditions in France -Sergei Lifar, Olga Preobrazhenskaya, Rudolf Nureyev; artists - Somov, Korovin, Makovsky, Dobuzhinsky, Zinaida Serebriakova; writers - Merezhkovsky and Gippius, Bunin, Viktor Nekrasov, Galich, Andrei Tarkovsky and many, many others...

Price and timing

The tour lasts 3.5 hours.

It costs from 300 € for the group.