Rodin Museum

The genious sculptor of the 20th century

Just next door to the Invalids Complex, the Rodin Museum is located in a quiet and noble Varennes street in the elegant and stylish 18th century mansion. This museum attracts fans of the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). The building has changed many owners. Now it is known under the name of Marshal Biron, who lived once upon a time there. At the beginning of 19th century the mansion was rented by the Russian Embassy and then it belonged to a Convent. Since the end of the 19th century it has become property of the city of Paris. It was rented then by a number of celebrities. Among them was a famous dancer Isadora Duncan, painter Henri Matisse, writers Jean Cocteau and Rainer Maria Rilke. In 1908 came the great sculptor Aguste Rodin who established here his work shop. Traces of Rodin presence are carefully kept in halls and rooms of the mansion.
On the ground floor one can find the most famous sculptures of the master: the Kiss, Eve, a Walking man, The Age of Bronze e.t.c.
A separate hall is devoted to Rodin’s pupil and muse – a wonderful sculptor - Camille Claudel. Her works “The Mature age", "Waltz", "The Wave" are filled with passion and reveal her great talent, to equal to that of her teacher.
Along with sculptures one can admire paintings by Rodin, his photographic works as well as things from his personal collection, particularly Van Gogh’s “Father Tanguy” and Claude Monet’s “landscape with the Belle Ile”.

The mansion is surrounded by a beautiful garden stretching on 3 hectares of land with carefully trimmed trees and shrubs and lovely colorful flowers. Rodin’s greatest creations are displayed in the garden. There is a brooding "Thinker", patriotic “Citizens of Calais ", philosophical "Gates of Hell“...


  • Mansion Biron-Rodin, Camille Claudel, statuary inside the house;
  • Masterpieces in the Garden: the Thinker, the Citizens of Calais, the Gates of Hell.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 2 hours.


  • 130 € for 1-2 people;
  • 150 € for 3-6 people.