The Louvre

The Most Famous Masterpieces of Statuary, Painting and Applied Art

Built in the end of the 12th century as a fortress to protect Paris from the English, two century later it lost its defensive character and was transformed into a luxurious royal residence. It took again long centuries to have modified the medieval castle into an elegant renaissance style structure and then into majestic classical style chateau. After the French Revolution the Louvre, old residence of French Kings, was transformed into Museum. It continued to undergo alteration along the 19th century and until by the end of the 20th century it became the largest and most popular museum in the world.

The Louvre with its 800 years of history is a real time machine which allows us to travel through time and space. We will visit the antique Greece and will admire two stars of the Greek art – Venus de Milos and Nike of Samothrace. We will enter the Apollo gallery – vestige of Louis the XIV reign and the precursor of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. We will meet enigmatic and ever young Mona Lisa of Leonardo. We will witness the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in Notre Dame de Paris with the painter David. We will enjoy the Italian sculpture of 16th -19th century with Michelangelo and Canova masterpieces.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 2 hours.

  • Price – 130 € for 1 person to 2 people;
  • Price – 150 € for the group from 3 to 6 people.