Garnier Opera House

The Opulent Palace of Music and Dance

Opera Garnier - the luxurious palace in the end of the “Opera” avenue - came into being thanks to the will of two personalities of the 19th century: Emperor Napoleon III and architect Charles Garnier. Napoleon III, a great lover of music and dance, wanted a new Opera and Ballet house to be built in Paris. He wanted it to be worthy of the high status of the French capital. Charles Garnier – a young, little known but ingenious architect, proposed an ambitious project of the new opulent Opera House.

Now it holds the name of its creator – Opera Garnier. Until today, the Opera House Garnier is the largest Opera Theatre in the world. The interior décor impresses the theatre’s visitors with its opulence. One can see marbles of all possible colors and shades all around: the main staircase of exceptional elegance and harmony with small balconies upstairs surrounding it. Everything is covered either with colorful marbles or beautiful mosaic or painting. One is amazed with the abundance of sculptured décor, painted panel, mirrors in beautiful frames, elegance of lanterns and lamps, fine fabrics dressing windows and doors, and the festive guiding in foyers and auditorium. That is amazing! This is a real temple of Elegance and Beauty!


  • History of the Opera House; the figure of its architect Charles Garnier
  • Salons and Foyers

  • Auditorium with the ceiling painted by Marc Chagall
  • Life of the theatre

Price and timing

The visit lasts 1.5 hours.


  • 100 € for 1-2 people;
  • 120 € for 3-6 people.