A house of sad souvenirs

The origins of the name ”Malmaison” (an evil house) is thought to be linked to the times of Norman invaders who in the 9th century settled their castle here and carried out from it their devastating raids in the surrounding area.

A new mansion appeared here in the 17th century and it has survived partly to our days. In 1799 new occupants have arrived – Josephine and Bonaparte. The place had turned into the official imperial residence after Napoleon’s coronation. After the divorce in 1809 Josephine had retained her status of Empress and continued to live here till her death in 1814.

This mansion features original furniture, paintings, vases, tableware and textile that Josephine had selected for her home and what she so much loved here. Another attraction of the Malmaison is its beautiful landscape park in English stile and its rosarium. Josephine adored roses and had a truly professional approach in their growing and selection.

Josephine had died in her house of Malmaison shortly after a courtesy visit paid to her by the Russian Emperor Alexander I. 30 years later a new sort of roses had been selected in Saint-Petersburg and named after Empress Josephine – “Souvenirs of Malmaison”.

Program of the tour

  • Malmaison with its house and its park;
  • The Church Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul in the neighboring town of Rueil with the tomb of Josephine and her daughter Hortense.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 3, 5-4 hours and costs from 300 € for a group.