Paris Gourmet

The tastiest tour of Paris

France is not only a country with great sceneries, ancient castles and rich museums. It is a country of gourmets. French people are proud of their cuisine and they are sure that there is no any other country that can provide such good wine, cheese, bread, or that can boast of such lovely bakeries, high class restaurants and cafés...

French people adore speaking about food and cooking. They show an incredible interest and respect to their cuisine. They regard it as National Heritage.

The gastronomic tour takes place in the Latin Quarter - one of the oldest district of Paris. We will get through a typical Parisian movable market on the Maubert square with its seasonal vegetables and fruit, fish and meet ranges. We will see local people buying food for their table. Just nearby we will find very good authentic shops selling fish, cheese, meet, wine and one of traditional Parisian bakery - a wonderfully smelling Bakery-Confectionery, where you will find typical products - fresh baguettes, pastries and cakes- all - true works of art!

Then we will move to the top of the Hill of Saint Genevieve. In the streets leading to the top of the Hill there are lot of restaurants and bars offering the traditional French cuisine and tasting of French wines.

We can make a halt on the Counterscarp square and take a cup of coffee on the terrace of one of its cafés-restaurants. They are always full of people profiting from a sunny day in Paris. Then let’s continue to get down from the hill by one of the oldest commercial streets of the Latin Quarter – Mouffetard street, little changed from middle ages. It is full of small food shops, fashion boutiques, small restaurants, bars, and baker’s. Street Mouffetard steps down to another Parisian market square, that of St. Médard, where will end our tasty tour.


What to see:

  • One of the oldest markets of Paris;
  • One of the best cheese shops of Paris;
  • Fish and meat shops;
  • French bread and one of the traditional bakery-confectioneries of Paris;
  • The oldest shopping street of Paris;
  • Wine, cheese, foie gras tasting.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 3 hours +

It costs from 150 € for the group. Costs of wine, cheese, foie gras tasting are not included.