The Latin Quarter

Meeting point of students from all over the world

The Latin Quarter lies on the Left bank of the Sein, between the river and the hill of Saint-Genevieve. Here one can discover remains of the Roman city of Lutetia with its Public Bathes and Arenas of Gladiators. Since the 12th century the hill of Saint-Genevieve had crowded with medieval colleges. In the medieval time the inhabitants of this area, mostly clergyman and university scholars, would speak, teach or study in Latin language, hence this unusual name, the Latin Quarter.

It is still home to the famous Sorbonne and College de France. Two most prestigious and elite Lycées, Grand Schools founded by Napoleon as well as a cluster of academic institutes are also located here. The arear boasts great number of typical bars and cafés as well as cozy baker’s or vine shops. The Hill of Saint-Genevieve is topped with the Pantheon, the burial place of several dozens of great French. The large path (now rue Soufflot), which once featured the Roman Forum, links the hill with one of the loveliest gardens of Paris – Jardin de Luxembourg.


The tour includes

  • Vestiges of Gallo-Roman era (ruins of Roman Baths and/or Arenas of Lutetia);
  • Origins of the Paris University;
  • The Sorbonne;
  • The Pantheon;
  • Luxembourg gardens.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 2 hours; with the Pantheon – 3 hours.

It costs from 150 € for the group.

Number of people in the group – from 1 to 8