Cité and Saint-Louis Islands

in the very heart of Paris

The City Island is heart of the old town of Paris. It was here that the governor of the Roman city of Lutetia had his palace built and later in the 3rd century the Roman Emperor Julian settled here his residence. Later here lived French Kings. The City Island became center of political and religious power. The one part of the island – houses the Palace of Justice and the Concierge House (once the Royal Palace and a Prison) another part of the island features the main church of Paris – Notre Dame de Paris.
Our walk through the island will help us to recall the main stages of French history and the most remarkable events which left here traces.

The neighboring island of Saint-Louis is connected with the eastern extremity of the City Island by a small pedestrian bridge. Here gather numerous musicians and jazz bands, and one can admire charming views of “post card” Paris. The Saint-Louis Island is famous for its mansions of XVII century, its exciting shopping and its Bertillon ice cream house.


  • Historical background;
  • Church Notre Dame;
  • Concierge House and Saint-Chapel;
  • The Exchange Bridge;
  • Henry IV and the New Bridge;
  • The Dauphine Square and Sein river embankments;
  • Saint-Louis Island and its remarkable dwellers;
  • Mansions, shops, Ice Cream Bertillon.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 2 hours +

From 120 € for the group