The True Dwelling Place of Kings

Located 60 km South-East from Paris, the Fontainebleau Palace is the oldest seat of French kings ... It was already mentioned in chronicles of XII century. But nothing has survived since then. It became the main residence of the King Francis I in XVI century and all the following Kings of the Valois, and Bourbons dynasties lived here at least for several weeks during the autumn hunting season.

The halls and galleries decorated by the Italian Renaissance masters for Francis I and later for his son Henry II, have survived in its original form to this day. The Kings Bourbons have also contributed to the improvement of the Palace, which is reflected by the different style of interiors. Napoleon Bonaparte loved the Fontainebleau palace and has also left visible traces in its décor. Some historical events are linked with Fontainebleau. The first abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte and his tormented parting with the Gard on the horse-shoe staircase are engraved in the palace history.

The last occupant of the Palace, Napoleon III, was also an ardent art collector. The collection of Chinese Museum is the reminder of his time at Fontainebleau.

The ancient residence of Fontainebleau reflects the spirit of old and modern France. During centuries it has accumulated valuable collections of painting sculpture and applied art featuring so different styles and trends under the old palace roof.

Lovers of walking would not be deceived by Fontainebleau gardens. One can find classical French style gardens with order and symmetry featuring mirrors of ponds, trimmed trees and shrubs and white statues scattered all around, but also English style landscape gardens stretching around the palace.


  • Inside the Palace;
  • Renaissance rooms of the Kings Francis I and Henry II;
  • Louis XIII room;
  • Rooms of the Queen/Empress (Marie Antoinette, Joséphine) ;
  • Rooms of Napoléon I;
  • The Royal Chapel;
  • Gardens.

Price and timing

The tour lasts 2-3 hours.

The whole trip with 2 transfers lasts 5 hours.

Price - from 380 € for the group.

Entrance tickets are not included.