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I have lived in France since 2010 onwards and France has become my second home. However, a large part of my life had run in Russia, in Saint Petersburg, where I was born, studied and worked. My biography has undergone some drastic turns. That was the case of those, born in the Soviet Union and then challenged to find a new place in the new Russia. From an engineer in a research company I was to retrain and acquire a new qualification of a linguist. I was teaching business English at the State University of Saint-Petersburg. This status of Teacher did not prevent from being Guide-Interpreter in my native city of Saint Petersburg. Fortunately I had started guiding in Leningrad long time ago while being a student. Since 2000 I’d worked as a licensed guide with cruises tourists, Saint Petersburg having become an important passenger port in Europe.

Well, now I am a licensed Guide-Interpreter or Guide Conférencier in France. I had to learn at the Sorbonne and the University of Marne-la-Valle to get the National Guide’s status. The license of the Guide Conférencier allows guiding in National Museums of France where I can work in Russian, French and English.

I have always had passion for history and arts. My guide’s practice in Russia and in France has given a great chance to meet highly qualified lecturers of the best museums in both countries and particularly in Saint-Petersburg and Paris. I can compare collections of the Hermitage and the Louvre, the Russian art Museum and the Orsay Museum, the Imperial residences of Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof and collections of Versailles and Fontainebleau. My visits are made on materials from most interesting books that I’ve been passionately collecting.

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Natalia Davous

Paris a la Russe

27, rue de la Fraternite - 92700 Colombes

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